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Andy Thomas

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More About Andy Thomas

Many call Andy Thomas the ‘Storyteller’ and if you have ever had a chance to view his work you just might agree. He tells many stories with his action filled western art and is bringing the cowboys back to life. In the past, Andy has painted many subjects from American History, a picnic by the river, kids playing sports to a brutal bear fight. All of his paintings end up telling you, the viewer some kind of story of our lives.
You just never know what he will present to you next.You can find his work in magazine articles (recently Quarter Horse Monthly), Western Art Collector, Rural Missouri, National Park Service brochures and educational books by the Franklin Watts Children Press, Harcourt and others. He has also illustrated books and his images have been used on many book covers.
The hardback books titled The Artful Journey & The West in Action contains over one hundred color images of his work and many include their stories that were mostly written by Thomas.His work has won numerous awards and he participates in many shows throughout the country.