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One of America’s most collected artists, Bev Doolittle has combined hard work and determination with a love for the world and wildlife. Her resulting artwork, known for its intricate attention to detail, resonates with collectors across a broad spectrum.

 Bev Doolittle and Her Love for Nature and the West

Bev Doolittle Earth Is My Mother Camouflage Art

The Earth Is My Mother, an example of the camouflage art of Bev Doolittle, incorporates pictures within the picture to add depth and meaning to the total image.

“My love for nature, as well as man’s relationship with it, is the driving force behind all of my artwork,” Doolittle says. Nearly all of Doolittle’s prints have been sell outs at her principle publisher, the Greenwich Workshop, and the first book of Doolittle’s art, The Art of Bev Doolittle, sold more than a half-million copies in its hardback edition.

A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, Doolittle and her husband, Jay, began their careers as art directors for an advertising agency. After five years of the city life and urban pace, the couple decided that they wanted to do something different with their lives and talents. They took their savings and traveled through the west, living in their camper as they painted their way across the western United States and Canada.

Bev Doolittle Develops Her Signature Style

A year of this Bohemian lifestyle gave Bev the time and freedom she needed to develop her unique style, and when she was discovered by Greenwich, she had found her niche. Her first limited edition print, Pintos, sold out at the publisher within weeks of its 1979 publication.

“One time when Bev Doolittle visited Wenaha Gallery, there was a line of people stretching outside the gallery and down the block,” remembers Lael Loyd, former manager of Wenaha Gallery. “She was gracious, kind, and funny, and she took time to listen to each person’s story, and to personalize her signing of the work they purchased.”

earth mother book bev doolittle camouflage

Emerging from the blue field of wildflowers, a woman’s face is hidden, and yet not hidden, in this Bev Doolittle painting

Especially popular with  fans are the artist’s camouflage paintings, in which she tucks other images, such as horses, into the landscape elements of the image. Especially popular with  fans are the artist’s camouflage paintings, in which she tucks other images, such as horses, into the landscape elements of the image. An example of this can be seen on the title page of Doolittle’s Book, The Earth Is My Mother, in which the face of a woman emerges from the wildflowers in the meadow.

In Doolittle’s composite painting of the same name (above), a woman’s face is prominent as the central image, yet is composed of a series of smaller drawings, all complete within themselves. The overall effect is one of fun playfulness, with a serious attention to detail, beauty, and the meaningfulness of life and nature.

Bev Doolittle Artwork at Wenaha Gallery

At Wenaha Gallery, we carry a pleasing selection of Bev Doolittle’s works, ranging from art prints of her original watercolor paintings to her books, as well as a series of her original lithograph prints. Timeless and treasured, Doolittle’s art conveys an appreciation of nature, a respect for the world around us, and an awareness of the fragility of life.