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Biker B’s Bathworks

“The names of the soaps we create can be a conversation starter,” says Meredith Bretz, co-owner, with her husband Gene, of Biker B’s.

“We prefer to come up with interesting names for the soaps where we have created our own aromatic blends.”

The couple made their first batch of soap in 1997, because they thought it would be fun. Friends and family were the first recipients, but in short order there were custom orders, and shortly after that, they found that they had created a viable business with an artisan product that appealed to people looking for a natural product, made with ingredients that were recognizable and pronounceable.

As the years went by they expanded their offerings to include reed diffusers, soy wax candles, bath salts, tub truffles, and roll on fragrances. One of the most fun aspects of an already fun endeavor is creating the scent blends, and after that, the names for them.

“Ideas for new scent blends can come from something we smell, which we try to recreate,” Bretz explains. “Or, it can be that we see an interesting name somewhere and wonder what a soap of that name would smell like.”

Such as Woodstock, Pacific Rain, Walk in the Woods, or Nature’s Bath.

Biker B's Bathworks