C.A. Grende

Grende’s dreams are as big as her monuments and she would like to show her appreciation for the blessings in her life by leaving a legacy for other artists. The couple’s twenty acres in Big Arm, Montana, boasts a panoramic view of Flathead Lake and Wild Horse Island with the Seeley-Swan Mountain Range standing guard in the background. Here she envisions a new studio that will expand her current artist-in-residence sculpting program to provide space for a school of fine art and music, with guest artists invited to teach. The studio will overlook a new arena for Iberian (Paint/Andalusian crosses) horses, models for the students of equestrian art.

Grende’s pioneer spirit, sense of humor, and dogged determination insure she will find a way to continue to realize her dreams. Noted philosopher/mythologist Joseph Campbell would say Carol Grende found her life by following her bliss.