Art by

Carol Betker

Inspired by oil painters Richard Schmid, Jessica Zemsky, and Dreama Tolle Perry, Betker creates vibrant impressionistic paintings of florals, landscapes, animal portraits and equine art. Now retired from a career as art education teacher in Finley and Burbank public schools, Betker paints every day from her dining room studio. The natural light streaming through the windows there, she says, is perfect.

She prefers Alla Prima, a technique by which the artist applies wet paint on wet paint. She describes the experience in terms of skydiving:

“I know I’ll land eventually, but I have to learn to enjoy the process and not get uptight!”

Inspiration for each piece comes through the process of living, and Betker finds that, before she finishes one painting, she has one – or more – in mind for the following. The secret, she says, is simply showing up behind the easel.

“When you show up at the easel – not waiting to be inspired but simply showing up every day – you will BE inspired as you begin.”