Cheri McGee

These unique, one of a kind art panels are created by cutting and layering hundreds of colored card stock, construction and exotic papers collected over the past 20 years by the artist.  All compositions are original, exhibiting a whimsical relationship between design and color.  Cheri has developed a masterful control over a simple pair of scissors.  She prefers to her unique brand of art as “painting with paper” and adds that painting with oils may be easier!  Her folk art style Vintage Villages, with great attention to detail, can require weeks of cutting and layering to create one panel.  Her inspiration is nor exclusive, encompassing styles from fold art to abstract, her pieces have been placed in galleries and private collections from Central Park, NY to Ojai, CA, as well as Japan.

Cheri “Scissorshands” McGee was born in Walla Walla, WA into an Air Force family who traveled extensively from the early 50’s-70’s.  By the time she was 18, she had lived in 7 States in the Union, as well as Europe and Morocco, North Africa.  In 1971 she met and married Roger McGee, sculptor and Native American flute maker/performer in Ramstein, Germany.

Upon return to the U.S., Cheri and Roger settled in the Pacific Northwest where they raised their only daughter, Maggie.  In 1980 Cheri became a professional artist when she sold her first piece at the Kalispell Art Show and Auction in Kalispell, MT.  She has also participated in the MONAC Western Show and Auction, and the Ellensburg Art Show and Auction.