Craig Hardin

Wood turner Craig Hardin creates new art out of old wood, rescuing fine and exotic hardwood from the fireplace and repurposing it into bowls, platters, lidded boxes, wine stoppers, bottle openers, and Christmas ornaments.

Some of this wood Hardin tracks down from friends and neighbors who are removing trees from their property, and the names of these woods are familiar: maple, cherry, locust, walnut. But some wood – ebony, camphor, zebra – is more exotic sounding, and one of Hardin’s sources for this are wooden shipping pallets, made with hardwood from other countries.

Hardin, whose day job is at an electric utility company in Vancouver, WA, has been turning wood art sculpture for three years, ever since his wife bought him a used lathe from Craig’s list. After the motor failed from Hardin using the machine to its full capacity and beyond, Hardin purchased a new lathe and has been fine art wood sculpture for friends, family, a growing clientele, and nonprofit organizations.