Doug Terry

Douglas Terry was born and raised in Enterprise, a small rural farming community in Northeast Oregon’s Wallowa County. Focusing on glass for the past fourteen years, he works alone in his modern studio. His talents with many art mediums are brought into use while working with glass. He not only blows glass, but also experiments with glass carving, fusing, and molding.

As well as an artisan, Doug is also an innovator in creating tools and equipment to use in his art. In 2001, he completed a state-of-the-art glass blowing studio with equipment he designed and built using many recycled industrial parts. The furnace maintains the molten glass at 2075 degrees with cooking temperatures at 2200 degrees. The glory hold (or reheat chamber) reaches 2600 degrees. Working alone has required the design of equipment for solo glass blowing, including an attachment to the blowing bench that supplies air to inflate the art pieces. He gives other artisans a chance to work with glass, in his classes and seminars so that they can finalize their plans for their own studios.

Doug has attended advanced glassblowing retreats in Red Deer, Alberta, where he networked with many friends and found new acquaintances in the glass community. In 1999 he studied with Ed Schmidt and Elena Enos, in 2001 with Melanie Rowe and Leslie Rowe Israelson, in 2002 to study with Randy Walker from the William Morris team, and Karen Willenbrink, and Tyler Rock in the summer of 2005.

Joining the Glass Art Society in 1997, he attended the International Conference in Tucson, Arizona, and again in 2001, at Corning, New York, also Seattle in 2003 thus keeping abreast of new discoveries and rediscovery of lost technologies.