Gordy Edberg

Gordon “Gordy” Edberg, from Langley, Washington, is most noted for his expressions of the landscape and environments. For more than thirty years, he has focused on capturing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Gordy painted landscapes in watercolor for many years and progressed to pastel, pastel with watercolor, and now, oil integrating graphite and pastel along the way. Look for calligraphy and engraved marking in his paintings. The combination of line and shapes are often recognizable in much of his work. Inspired by the landscapes around him, Gordy creates images that elicit a mood in an expressionistic style that avoids photo realism.

Many of his paintings are created en plein air (on site) and ala prima (completed in one time).  He uses many of these paintings for in studio work of larger sizes recalling the mood and feeling originally witnessed.    He exaggerates (pushes) color and in many works introduces unexpected color to heighten the paintings effect.