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Helen Flint

More About Helen Flint

Helen Flint’s dynamic, colorful art, prints and posters are avidly collected by motor sports enthusiasts world wide. Receiving numerous honors for her artwork She recently won the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen 2003 gold award for best fine art print. Several publications have also featured her art including October 2003 Gearhead artist of the month in Hot rod magazine. Preparation and research are the hallmarks of Helen Flint’s work. Spending countless hours developing and refining the story line these exquisitely detailed, photo realistic images of classic vehicles in nostalgic settings are a high point celebration of a uniquely American vision of sleek lines, high gloss paint and glistening chrome.

Flint began this project by researching theaters, old movies and cars of the 1940’s. Determining what was popular during that particular time period, in this case, 1947. Rendering sections of her digital painting in separate files, Flint then pieced together her final art, prints and posters. This process is part organic and part digital, using basic resources and painting technique with digital effects from the computer.

Although at this time Flint works primarily in digital form, she believes it is important to continue to paint in the traditional manner. “Staying involved with the organic qualities of paint is essential to my skill”, she stresses. “It keeps me grounded to the real foundations of art”. In addition to her automotive art, prints and posters, Flint is currently developing nautical theme works from her Acrylic and Oil painting of Lake Superior and its lighthouses.