Art by

J.F. Policky

More About J.F. Policky

In viewing the paintings created by J.F. Policky, you get the feeling that the artist surely must have been there himself. Growing up in the sandhills of western Nebraska’s ranchland afforded J.F. with an “out the back door” taste and feel of western life. J.F. is truly a product of his environment.

Self-taught, J.F. began selling his works of art in his pre-teens. Today, his original works, in both oil paintings and bronze sculptures, are collected around the world.

J.F.’s ability to paint in many styles allows him the opportunity to paint a wide range of subject matter with western at the forerfront. Regardless of the subject in each work there is a certain continuity that says “It’s a J.F. Policky”.

J.F.’s travels and experiences have been many. His zest for challenge and excitement is constant and his rivalry with accomplishment is never ending.