Jennifer Schock

“I collect all sorts of objects,” says Jennifer Schock, a Dayton artist who creates both jewelry and hand-crafted cards using unique vintage elements.

“These collected things wait in the closet until I look at them and decide that today is the day that they begin morphing into something else – something useful, or maybe just for fun.”

The magic happens at her work table – a scratched and nicked dining room table purchased by her parents at their marriage in 1945.

“Shelves surround me, holding jewelry tools, semi precious stones, beads, sterling and other stuff I may decide to pick up and create with,” Schock says. In a nearby closet are more tools, paper, copper, scraps, “junk” collected, all awaiting the day that they are chosen to become something.

What she makes, in addition to one of a kind jewelry and hand doodled cards of intricate design and colorful array, is a statement counteracting the impersonality of the modern world: its fascination with technology that threatens to eclipse its appreciation of humanity.

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