Jill Ingram

Growing up on a wheat farm in the Pacific Northwest, afforded Jill Ingram an affinity with nature and the opportunity to observe the ever-changing patterns of light and shadow.

Decades ago, painting and drawing because more than an occupation for Ingram following a serious horse accident. “My belief in a loving God gave me the faith that this event would bring good in my life. He said art would be a catharsis for me. When I looked it up, I was amazing to find the purging of the soul through art.”

Naively thinking watercolor an easy, clean and safe medium, Ingram worked through the issues of paper choices and pigment temperaments. Wanting to keep the integrity of the paint and master an open style to express her personality, she dove into the demands with her typical headlong rush. Fearing mediocrity, paintings piled up.

Ingram has exhibited her watercolors throughout the country and received many national awards including first place in Colorado’s WCWS in 1999 and Washington’s NWWS in 2006. Her paintings have been purchased nationally and internationally.