Papa Jon’s Fly Inns

Papa Jon’s “one of a kind” bird shelters are designed and hand-crafted by Dayton artists Jon and Marilu Bryan. Four years ago, as a way to supplement Jon’s retirement income, Marilu began with a few design ideas in her sketch book and the ‘Fly Inns’ were born.

Today, the ideas keep coming. The process begins as Jon and Marilu work on the basic designs together. Once Jon builds them, Marilu adds the finishing touches. Each bird house is made out of premium, long-lasting cedar. The roofs are made of hammered galvanized metal, which allows for unusual roof lines and make the birdhouses rust and leak proof. Each bird shelter is completely functional as well as decorative, featuring an easy open clean out door as well as efficient ventilation.

The entrance hole in each ‘Fly Inn’ is sized to invite chickadees, finches, wrens, and blue birds and are small enough to keep out predatory “pest” birds such as starlings.

Great care is given to make sure your birds have a cool and safe refuge for nesting. Though the bird shelters are made to withstand outdoor weather, it is a good idea to take them in for the winter months.

Created with painstaking attention to detail, Jon and Marilu enjoy being able to give you something that is original, creative and functional. It is their hope that your new bird house will decorate your garden and your life, giving you enjoyment for years to come.