Art by

Lisa Hill

“In my classes and in my own painting, it’s very important to understand color relationships and learn mixing skills,” says Lisa Hill, a watercolor painter from Richland who has been teaching private classes for 10 years.

“I always use a limited palette of about five paint colors per painting, and my beginning students have only five tubes of paint to manage and master.

“The color mixing possibilities are endless. We often complete an entire painting with the ideal color primaries: Phthalo Blue, Quinacridone Pink, and Hansa Yellow Medium.

“You can mix thousands of colors with these three paints.”

Color theory, she adds, spans the disciplines of both art and science, as does the medium of watercolor itself. Successfully working with water on paper involves a tremendous amount of observation, experimentation, and questioning.

“Understanding how water behaves puts the artist in charge (mostly) of what happens to the paint on the paper.”

Lisa Hill