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Loren Entz

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More About Loren Entz

There are many defining moments that make up the history of a nation, and many artists will paint those earthshaking events: the turning point of a battle, the signing of a declaration, the death of a patriot. But more often, the fate of a nation is decided by thousands of little decisions made daily by its people; a daughter helping a mother with her chores, a kindness extended by a neighbor, a man tilling the earth. These, and more, are the subject matter for Loren Entz. “My roots are in the heartland of America,” he says, and as the son of immigrant farmers from Germany and Russia who settled in Kansas, he proved it with his own decisions. The first hint that art would be his life’s work came with his attending Frederic Remington High School, situated on the ranch that famous artist once owned. There Entz was known as “the school artist.” But it was a visit to the Nelson Art Center in Kansas City which he marks as “the shaper of my destiny.” He was so impressed with the art he saw there he enrolled in the Famous Artists correspondence school. Although he worked as a ranch hand in Montana after attending Heston College in Kansas and Longview College in Missouri, Entz also studied different art mediums, including pencil, charcoal, oil and watercolor. His versatility and dedication led to his being chosen to join the Cowboy Artists of America in 1992—the first to be named to the ranks in four years. His images of the little decisions that make up a good life have been awarded Gold and Silver honors from the Cowboy Artists of America as well as a Jurors Award from the Northwest Rendezvous Show.