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Marilu Bryan

More About Marilu Bryan

Paints are magical; they allow us to relive memories, they take us to places we’ve been, places we would like to go, and to create imaginary places on canvas. They give us a greater appreciation for the beauty of God’s creation all around us and for the simple things that we sometimes forget to notice.

Life is an adventure. I first knew I wanted to paint when I was a very young mother in my 20’s.  We were driving home from a week-end trip to visit friends in Eastern Washington. Captured by the beauty of God’s creation all around us as we drove through this beautiful part of our country, I got caught up in the dream of trying to capture some of that beauty on canvas.

Raising our family in the country in Graham, WA, I stole moments from a busy life of raising a family to paint, always encouraged and supported by my loving husband.

When the kids were raised we started on some our own adventures, Papa Jon and I. We started an adventurous but largely unprofitable import business; however, we were privileged to see many beautiful places in the world that further inspired me.

Now, years later, blessed to be married 45 years to my wonderful and supportive husband with children and grandchildren and settled down on a small farm in Eastern Washington, the first place I was truly inspired to begin painting, I still love painting the beauty of this part of the country as well as many of the places we have been privileged to travel.