Michael Dudash

Michael’s career as a successful artist began in 1977, when he became a full time illustrator and oil painter. He has done so many assignments, commissions and gallery apintings that he has lost count. “Somewhere in the neighborhood of eighteen hundred paintings I would guess” he says.

While living in VT, Michael was fortunate to have had the opportunity to paint and study with Richard Schmid and his wife Nancy Guzik. Michael has participated in Richard’s Rist Canyon Art Auction for the last several years as well. ” Richard is a wonderful teacher and human being, and I have always appreciated his ability to inspire his friends, fellow artists and collectors.”

Although Michael has increasingly been turning his attention to painting the characters and history of the old west he still loves to paint the variety of subjects that he finds around him, and is equally adept at masterfully handling landscapes, figures, portraits and still lifes.

“I have always been interested in well executed and beautifully designed oil painting, no matter what the venue, style or label.” Michael says. “Most artists, myself included, can count dozens of incredible representational painters who have come before us as positive influences and teachers. Although often the most important, subject matter is only a part of the painting. The challenge for a painter is to take his subject of interest and create works of art that are moving, beautiful, timeless and universal in their appeal. As for me, I have to daily rely on the good Lord and His inspiration to help me accomplish this formidable task.”