Pat and Peggy Bookey

The Bookeys attended the Desert Woodturners’ Symposium in Arizona in February 2007, and were both mesmerized by the work of Binh Pho, which incorporated turning, piercing and airbrushing.
Returning home with a brand new airbrush, gold paints, an NSK carver and all the accessories, Pat and Peggy began to collaborate; the thin-walled vessels would be turned by Pat, and then Peggy would use the combination of her egg carving experience and the newfound inspiration from the work of Binh Pho, Brian McEvoy, Joey Richardson and J. Paul Fennell to enhance the surfaces of Pat’s turnings, gradually developing her own style of piercing. There were, however, plenty of other things keeping the pair busy: “We have had a significant role in raising our two grandchildren,” Peggy explains, “So we developed a system where Pat would turn a vessel while I looked after the kids, then we would switch and I’d work as fast as possible on the piercing… it was one heck of a feat working at that speed, I really pushed that drill!”
After working at their new collaboration for some time, the couple made their first foray into the woodturning arena at the AAW Four Corners Contest. The Alaska portion of the contest was held in Anchorage and judged by Dick Sing and Soren Berger; the Bookeys won best of show with their piece ‘Rose n’ wood’, but they didn’t take the win complacently, and asked J. Paul Fennell to further critique the piece: “It took me about 15 minutes before I could stop crying and comprehend J. Paul Fennell’s suggestions!” Peggy says, but constructive criticism from experienced turners has always benefited their work.