Paul Henderson

My artistic interests and subjects are wide and varied. I love the Northwest wilderness and wildlife. But also I enjoy world history, cultures and geography, therefore I call myself “Northwest Artist With an International Touch”.

 I have gone from drawing every leaf and brick as a child to abstract when I first started painting. Then I did loose representational and got more detailed every year. Also in 1986 I started doing paintings with coffee which has been in 20 plus newspapers, 5 TV programs and a magazine article in the Northwest. Two years ago I decided to not limit myself to detail and do any style or subject from abstract to detail, to fantasy, to loose style and to experiment. In 2010 I did 90 experimental paintings.

Some of my more recent wildlife paintings have included my interest in history, archeology, and multinational cultures, such as;   ancient Mayan ruins with black jaguars in the foreground, typically painted with acrylic or oil.

My work has been in many shows and a few galleries in Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, Nevada, Iowa and California. Because of an ad in ‘Wildlife Art News”, I was contacted by Central Art Galleries of Hawaii asking if I painted falcons which they would show at a private show for the king of Saudi Arabia. Even though that show was cancelled, I began showing my work through their many galleries. In addition I have shown at the Mzuri Wildlife Foundation Show in Reno and Western Art Show in Ellensburg, Washington and many local shows.

More recently I have had works at Collector’s Art Galleries (with 50-60 artists) in Hawaii and Carmel. They own Collector’s Art Editions which has printed 4 limited edition ‘canvas transfer’ prints. Some editions have been listed in Collectors Art Limited Edition Print Guide and shown in art magazines. But they have since sold the business and it just sells art supplies now.

I have gone full circle – I started with experimenting and then got more detailed and realistic every year.  But I decided to take most of 2010 and just experiment again. This has literally set my creative juices on fire and I will continue even more creative techniques and mixed media.  Two such media have been the use of different textured papers and attaching throw-away styrofoam from packing boxes to the canvas. So watch what’s coming next… who knows!  I love to try different methods;   it keeps me fresh and invigorated. After all, “variety is the spice of life” and I am full of passion to express and create life… colorful living images.

Paul Henderson