Paul Strobehn

“My name is Paul Strohbehn (pronounced stroe-bean’). I grew up in Stillwater, Minnesota on the scenic Saint Croix River. I attended the University Of Minnesota, where I studied photography and music.

One fall, I took a break from school to visit and work with a friend on Dick Jones’s wheat farm in Dayton, Washington. The mountains, deserts and wheat fields of southeastern Washington were awesome. The beauty of the area inspired me to move to Dayton the following summer.

After discovering that a person generally needs an income of more than $500 a month, I continued my education in general and technical studies at Walla Walla Community College and Eastern Washington University. I now live outside of Dayton in the South Touchet Valley with my wife Jan and son Adam. We also have three grown children, John, Lisa and Clayton. I am employed in the Information Systems Department at St. Mary Medical Center in Walla Walla, Washington as their Network Administrator. I have always loved to draw. My sister Linda would hold “art classes” early in the morning when we were kids. In junior high school, I designed a new logo for the Stillwater High School that is still in use today. As an adult, I didn’t do any serious art work until early 2002 when I rediscovered watercolor after dabbling around with it fifteen years earlier. I’ve heard the process of watercolor painting described as “exquisite torture”. I think this fits pretty well. I paint from photos and try to capture my subjects as realistically as my skills allow. People are my favorite subjects but I also enjoy painting landscapes, buildings, flowers, and wildlife. I am intrigued with light and shadow and try to choose subjects that include varied lighting from harsh sun to soft, indirect, reflected light.”