Randy Klassen

My dad, a well known Canadian artist, first inspired me in watercolor by taking me sketching when I was only 8. I’ve painted ever since, trying my hand at pastel, pen and ink, oil and acrylic, but always returning to my favorite and most challenging medium of watercolors. Painting was, for the most part, only a hobby until I was able to make it my full time occupation upon retirement in 1999.

Inspiration and challenge get me started. I like the design I find in detail and although it takes time to capture the relevant details that give my art the designation of ‘realism’, my hope is that the finished product will return to the viewer some of that original inspiration that got me started. I have two memorable trips that have enabled me to enlarge my field of vision artistically. The first was a trip to China in 1984 with other artists including my wife, Joyce. The most recent in 2002, was a trip to France, where I was able to paint on location for nearly three weeks.

I’ve had some honors and awards along the way and some people have said kind words about my art. I can’t resist quoting two of them:

“Watercolor is possibly the most demanding and difficult medium available to an artist. It is my honest feeling that Randy Klassen will soon be seen as one of the great watercolorists.” – Art Hall, owner, First Street Gallery, Cathedral City, CA

“Randy Klassen is a watercolorist whose career has blossomed in the few short years he has been on the west coast art scene. His works are popular with art collectors and hang in private collections and galleries throughout the country. – Judy Cunningham, Dir. Pacific Fine Arts Festivals