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Rick Woodard

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More About Rick Woodard

“My name is Rick Woodard and I turn wood bowls.  I learned to turn bowls when I lived in Anchorage, Alaska and in particular I was taught to turn natural edge bowls from white birch by a well-known turner who lived outside of Sutton, Alaska.  The process required the natural edge green wood bowls to be put in wood chips to they would dry without cracking.  I also worked part time and sold my bowls at a co-op on 5th avenue in Anchorage.

I design and create salad bowls, platters, natural edge bowls, weed pots, and bowls of various sizes from around the United States and the Walla Walla Valley.  I currently reside in Burbank, WA.

The bowls are treated with either walnut oil or a mixture of beeswax and linseed oil.  If they need additional oil, you can also use a good grade of olive oil.”