Ron Jackson

Ron Jackson has been a woodworker all his life, crafting everything from decorative boxes to complete sets of furniture, using hardwood salvaged from the Southeastern Washington area.

“When I was young, I worked at Whitehouse Crawford, which at that time was one of the oldest sash and door and furniture mills in the state of Washington,” Jackson says. “It had craftsmen from all over the world, and I learned while I was there.”

During the 1990s, Jackson was co-owner of Jackson-Sanders Hardwood, which bought wood from tree services and homeowners to sell to custom furniture makers and woodworkers throughout the country. When he retired from the business, he started working through a vast inventory of locally salvaged hardwood, creating functional fine art from black walnut, silver maple, red elm, wild cherry, sycamore, and more.

“I enjoy working with beautiful materials and exploring function and design,” Jackson says.

“I get satisfaction from making hand-crafted products from salvaged trees.”