Art by

Steph Bucci

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“I’ve always enjoyed ‘making stuff,’” says watercolor painter Steph Bucci of West Richland.

“Somewhere along the line in adulthood, I became curious about watercolor, and through the years I said to my husband, Bud, ‘When we retire, I want to learn watercolor.’ I don’t know why I relegated the idea to a retirement pastime, or what kept me from pursuing it earlier.”

A self-motivated student who learns best by reading and imitating, Bucci decided not to wait for retirement but to delve into the world of art NOW – acrylics, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, mixed media. She asked questions, found books, watched how-to videos, and painted painted painted. And as the years went by, she learned more and more and got better and better.

“I have painted a wide variety of subjects, often just to see if I can do it successfully.

“When I first started painting, I spent a lot of time on flowers; then I added animals. Essentially, I chose subjects that either challenged my skills (actually, everything challenged my skills!) or just seemed beautiful to me.”

Steph Bucci