Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson has gained national attention for his first series of limited edition prints entitled, “AMERICAN TRAINS”. As a self-taught artist and publisher of his own work, Anderson takes pride in the acclaim given to him for his masterful detail. Extensive and painstaking research goes into Anderson’s art. Now returning after a delay of Steve’s art career due to illness, Anderson looks forward to promoting the American Spirit once again by offering his audience a collectible piece of nostalgia.

Steve received a lot of attention with his artwork in the late 90’s, beginning with the AMERICAN TRAINS series. His work appeared in feature articles, new release articles, advertising and general interest articles. At one time, Anderson’s prints were available in over 30 States throughout America. Even though Steve is not cured from his illness, he is fortunate to be feeling well enough to restart where he left off. His next series began with “Abandoned”, relating to the significance of the family farm and recognizing how many are fading away. His interest in preserving historical American landscapes continues with the beginning of his new piece symbolizing just one aspect of the American immigrant. Steve welcomes your visit and hopes you will enjoy his work. Quality, professionalism, excellent service and communication are at the top of his list.