Art by

Tanna Scott

For oil painter Tanna Scott, the cowboy way of life is something she grew up with – an only child on ranches in Texas and California – and celebrates today through her painterly capture of movement and mood.

“I paint with a lot of emotion,” the Kennewick Western artist says. “I care about each painting.”

And so, also, do the people who view her work, many who connect with a particular painted animal because it reminds them of one they themselves own, or remember from their past.

Far more than once, while Scott has been showing her art at festivals and shows, a viewer has stopped in front of a particular piece and . . . begun to cry. And while most times this would seem disturbing, it has happened so often, and for the right reasons, that Scott embraces and accepts the fact.

“Each painting has a story, or the buyer comes to me with a story,” she observes. “Some stories are very emotional; the buyer associates the painting with a loved animal.”

Tanna Scott