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Todd Telander

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More About Todd Telander

Art and the study of nature have been dual passions for Todd Telander since his childhood in rural Northern California. He began to seriously focus on art as a career while attending the University of California at Santa Cruz. There, he earned degrees in Environmental Studies and Biology, completed a graduate-level program in scientific illustration, and immediately began work as a freelance artist on a national and international level. He has since studied fine art independently in several western states and was awarded an artist’s residency at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. For the past twenty-five years he has made his living as an artist, illustrator, and teacher.

His diverse artistic path—which has included commercial illustration, portraiture, wildlife art, expressionism, and abstract art— has enriched all of his current work.  Moving beyond the simple representation of nature, he is more interested in creating a mood and evoking an emotion through his paintings. He finds that simple subjects can often be the most beautiful, when portrayed with a sensitive eye to tone, composition and light. His latest work involves oil paintings of rural scenes near his home in eastern Washington, portraits, still lifes, and wildlife.

Telander’s work has been published and reproduced internationally, and is represented in the print market by McGaw Graphics of New York. He operates a studio at his home in Walla Walla where he paints and teaches art. He and his wife, Kirsten Telander, recently opened their own gallery, the Telander Gallery, that features Todd’s work. Commissions are welcome, and studio visits are available by appointment.

Todd Telander Walla Artist Painter Landscapes