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Exotic Tunisia & Walla Walla Wine Country — The Jewelry of Pamela Good

They’re called souks — marketplaces or commercial quarters in Western Asia or North Africa, and most of us know what they “feel” like by imagining ourselves in the Indiana Jones movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark. The sights, sounds, smells, colors, people (even without the evil, black-robed swordsman confronting Indie), are all very exotic, alluringly unfamiliar in a fascinatingly romantic sort […]

Eclectic and Diverse — The Paintings of Todd Telander

Flexible. Adaptable. Supple. While these sound like requirements for a CrossFit athlete, they aptly describe the attitude of an artist, specifically, Todd Telander of Walla Walla. The painter and illustrator — who specializes in everything from commercial illustration to teaching art students from 10 to 80 years old — toggles back and forth between tasks […]

Seriously Fantastic — The Art of James Christensen

He was whimsical. He was serious. He painted religious themes. But his trademark image was a floating or flying fish, often on a leash. He knew his Shakespeare. And he celebrated his Everyman, too — the podgy, humpback character who represented the imperfections in all of us. James Christensen, the renowned fantasy artist inspired by the […]

Painting In the Zone — Nature and Wildlife by Pamela Claflin

Pamela Claflin loves to paint with friends, even though once she gets the brushes out, she stops talking to them. Upon entering “the zone,” Claflin focuses on the task at hand and the scene in front of her, to the point that she — very very literally — notices nothing else. “One time, while painting in the […]

Bright, Shiny Jewelry — The Corvidae-Inspired Art of Rachelle Moore

Crows, ravens, jackdaws, magpies — while members of the Corvidae family are notorious for raucous dissonance, they also possess a captivating charm that invites jewelry maker Rachelle Moore to their fan club: They like shiny things. “I love shiny things!” the Kennewick artist exclaims, explaining why she named her business Corvidae Fine Art, reflecting a lifelong […]

Kindled by Encaustic — The Paintings of Lauri Borer

While Lauri Borer did not learn all she really needed to know in kindergarten, she did pick up a lot from the world of Walt Disney. The Walla Walla artist, before she moved to the Land of Many Waters in 2005, lived in Florida and worked with merchandising and human resources at the Walt Disney Company. “It’s […]

Falling Leaves and Radiochemistry — The Ceramic Art of Jane Holly Estrada

In her day job, Jane Holly Estrada is a radiochemist, dealing with a concept — radiation — that many people rightly or wrongly associate with loooooooooong periods of time. But when the white lab jacket is hung up at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory for the day, Estrada focuses strongly on the ephemeral, the temporal — […]

Librarian in the Studio — The Print & Printmaking Art of Anne Haley

It took 50 years, but  Anne Haley was finally able to take ninth grade shop class. Of course, she was no longer in ninth grade, but that’s not such a bad thing: one time through on that is enough for most people. Instead, Haley plunged into college life, re-entering as an art student after a 32-year […]

Natural Beauty: Handcrafted Kitchenware by Mark Thomas

Buy local. Live simply. Choose natural. For some people, these are catchy slogans on a social media meme. For others, they are New Year’s resolutions. For woodworker Mark Thomas, they are normal aspects of everyday living. The “Good Life” to which many aspire is not an unreachable dream, requiring complicated formulas and collections of inspirational […]

Community Service, Vital Volunteers, & Generous People

It takes a special kind of person to volunteer at the Dayton Community Food Bank. But not so uncommonly unreal that everyday humans need not apply. Indeed, regular, compassionate, intelligent human beings are what keep the food bank, which has been in operation for more than 30 years, successfully reaching out to some 550 Columbia […]