Entries by Carolyn Henderson

Simple Living and Joy — The Watercolor Art of Ellen Heath

Much of life’s most profound philosophy shows up on dish towels. Most of us have seen a sunny little potted flower image on fabric, with “Bloom Where You Are Planted,” written in script underneath. But with wisdom reduced to one-liners, it’s easy to overlook perspicacity. There are people, however, like Dixie watercolor painter Ellen Heath, […]

Bright Color and Happy Dreams — Watercolors by Suzi Vitulli

Artists are their own worst critics. Intense, determined, passionate, sometimes frustrated but obstinately tenacious, professional artists know full well what they are doing — most of the time. “One of the favorite awards I ever received is the WSU Chancellor award for a painting that I threw in the garbage,” says watercolor painter and private […]

Glass Fusion — Vintage Wave and Coral Bowls by Gregory Jones

While the question, “What is art?” isn’t about to be satisfactorily resolved anytime soon, what it takes to make and be an artist is less ambiguous: Determination. Curiosity. And the willingness to make a lot of mistakes. “I am self-taught, and stubborn,” says glassmaker Gregory Jones of Pasco, who works with new and recycled glass […]

Beautiful Obsession: Watercolors and Music by Roy Anderson

There’s something to be said about being obsessed. The strong focus and concentration required to acquire and finesse a skill demand time, practice, thought, and . . . obsession. For Walla Walla watercolor artist Roy Anderson, obsession is part of the road to expertise — and because his interests are varied and diverse, he has […]

Native American & Pioneer History: The Paintings of Nona Hengen

It’s easy to forget that, for most of history, there were no cameras. So when we see a movie of an historical event, or an illustration, or a painting, we rely upon the artist’s interpretation of what they thought happened, hopefully based upon scholarly historical research. “There are no photographs, no ‘cast of thousands’ to […]

Animal Lover — Horse & Wildlife Paintings by Debbie Hughbanks

She was the little girl who was certain, every year, that she would get a horse for Christmas. That she lived in town was no obstacle to Debbie Hughbanks, who now, as a grown-up, specializes in creating wildlife, equine, and domestic animal paintings.  Now also — as a grown up living in the country — […]

New Year’s Resolution: Enjoy Artisan Soap from Azure Mountain

The New Year’s Resolution has been around for a long time. Purportedly, ancient Babylonians started the process 6,000 years ago with promises to their gods to return borrowed items and pay off their debts. Julius Caesar finessed the New Year’s Resolution when he renovated the calendar and created a January 1. And now we’re full […]

Community Giving — All Year Round

Life happens. And while there are other, more expressive ways of voicing this observation — some singularly  inappropriate for the family newspaper — the intimation is the same: people lose their jobs, get sick, or have an accident, resulting in life not going on the way it did before. When we learn of another’s pain, […]

Sew Happy — Fiber Artist Kathy Snow Creates the Perfect Gifts

Santa Claus could use a person like Kathy Snow on his staff, and not just because her last name fits well into his company theme. Nor is it because the Dayton sewist  (a recently coined term that combines the words “sew” and “artist”) creates doll clothes to fill the dream wardrobe of every child who […]

Plein Air Magic — The Oil Paintings of Laura Gable

It’s easy to forget that, when we put something in the back seat of the car, it doesn’t go away.  Artist Laura Gable, however, never forgot what she set in the back seat, and when the time came to retrieve it, she readily and happily did so. “In college, I loved all my art classes,” […]