child sledding helpful father nostalgic harvey print art

Stay Helpful — A Child’s Hero by G. Harvey

You don't have to be a wealthy philanthropist to be helpful. Indeed, it's questionable how many of them actually are. Helpful, that is. "They're so rich," people sigh. "And they must be smart, because…
Virtue woman candle nostalgic religious perceptive james christensen

Stay Perceptive — Virtue by James Christensen

A perceptive person is not easily fooled. There is an old saying about people seeing but never perceiving, hearing but never understanding. Like many old sayings, it's worth contemplating: these…
sacred grove contemplative forest woods greg olsen

Stay Contemplative — Sacred Grove by Greg Olson

When is the last time you were contemplative? Being contemplative takes time and a bit of effort, because we must find a quiet place where we can think. This means no TV, no phone, no computer screen,…
early morning visitors deer welcoming country william phillips

Stay Welcoming — Early Morning Visitors by William Phillips

We've all seen a countenance that is welcoming. A smile, a warm glance, these invite us to come closer and be part of that person's day. We feel wanted and accepted -- delightful emotions that all…
great big world excited dog flowers sueellen ross

Stay Excited about Life — Great Big World by Suellen Ross

Have you ever met someone who never gets excited about anything? They may be polished, refined, sophisticated, a little cynical -- all those adjectives that describe someone our society calls "cool." And…
daydreamer imagining boy student morgan weistling

Stay Imaginative — Daydreamer by Morgan Weistling

We all like to think that we are imaginative. And indeed, so should we all be, because human beings were created to think, contemplate, imagine, design, and innovate. But the "entertainment" world…
love letter communicating laramie charles wysocki

Stay Communicating: Love Letter from Laramie by Charles Wysocki

Communicating with one another is essential to healthy, strong relationships. And while this seems so painfully obvious that it's not worth mentioning, it is worth mentioning. Because, like eating…
harvest busy laborers farmers vineyard june carey art print

Stay Busy: Harvest by June Carey

The word "busy" has both good and bad connotations. At its worst it describes the frenetic nature of modern American society: we must work smarter, harder, faster, and constantly in order to get…
mother child gardening teaching family mike capser art print

Stay Teaching: Learning to Grow by Michael Capser

While teaching is a profession, and a noble one,  it is not limited to a job. Those of us who are fortunate remember a beloved math teacher who showed us the fool-proof way to figure out percentages;…
quail run birds chatting monica stobie print

Stay Chatting: Quail Talk by Monica Stobie

Thanks to modern technology, the word "chatting" doesn't mean what it used to mean. Now, the word implies texting, or typing on Messenger, or responding to a social media post. Emojis add depth…
Evening Companions harmonious dogs sleeping john weiss

Stay Harmonious: Evening Companions by John Weiss

People, and animals, who spend a lot of time together tend to achieve harmonious understanding in their relationship. It's not that they always agree. Indeed, if we all agreed, 100% of the time,…
elk wildlife animal wilderness taylor fork crossing larry zabel

Stay Moving: Taylor Fork Crossing by Larry Zabel

How much time do we spend each day sitting, and not moving? Probably a lot more than we think. We live in a world of computers and TV screens, with jobs that require more sedentary "action" than…