moose wildlife animal western art james reid

Wildlife Wonder — The Western Art of James Reid

When wildlife artist James Reid first picked up a brush, it wasn't to paint an elk or moose. He painted a sign. "My first year out of high school, I got a job at the PayLess Drug in Pasco (WA) painting…
Collectible car 1934 duesenberg model automobile nostalgic

Collectible Cars — All Wheels Art Event

It's amazing how much you can do when you're persistent. Take amassing a collection, for example, whether that collection is stamps, or art, or tea cups, or, in this case, collectible cars. At first…

Acrylic Pour Magic — Brother & Sister Create

As anyone with a sibling knows, brothers and sisters agree on some things, and don't on others. That's the magic of family. For acrylic pour painters Kristen Hanafin and Matt Harri, they work separately…
victorian woman gracious cathedral heidi presse

Stay Gracious — Victorian by Heidi Presse

All mothers have their standard admonitions, words of wisdom aimed at our kids. When the kids are grown (into decent adults, we hope) they laugh about what Mom always said. But once they have their…
mountain myth snow leaopard circumspect simon combes

Stay Circumspect — Mountain Myth by Simon Combes

Sometimes it's good to run out swinging, ready for the fight. Other times, it's best to be circumspect. It doesn't mean that you've given up. Rather, it means that you're still in the midst of the…
always greener wild horse fence grazing bev doolittle art

Stay Wild — Always Greener by Bev Doolittle

Whether it's a mustang in the Southwest desert or a dray horse pulling a wagon, horses retain a sense of their wild side. They may be circumscribed by fences, but that doesn't keep them from jumping…
child sledding helpful father nostalgic harvey print art

Stay Helpful — A Child’s Hero by G. Harvey

You don't have to be a wealthy philanthropist to be helpful. Indeed, it's questionable how many of them actually are. Helpful, that is. "They're so rich," people sigh. "And they must be smart, because…
Virtue woman candle nostalgic religious perceptive james christensen

Stay Perceptive — Virtue by James Christensen

A perceptive person is not easily fooled. There is an old saying about people seeing but never perceiving, hearing but never understanding. Like many old sayings, it's worth contemplating: these…
sacred grove contemplative forest woods greg olsen

Stay Contemplative — Sacred Grove by Greg Olson

When is the last time you were contemplative? Being contemplative takes time and a bit of effort, because we must find a quiet place where we can think. This means no TV, no phone, no computer screen,…
early morning visitors deer welcoming country william phillips

Stay Welcoming — Early Morning Visitors by William Phillips

We've all seen a countenance that is welcoming. A smile, a warm glance, these invite us to come closer and be part of that person's day. We feel wanted and accepted -- delightful emotions that all…
great big world excited dog flowers sueellen ross

Stay Excited about Life — Great Big World by Suellen Ross

Have you ever met someone who never gets excited about anything? They may be polished, refined, sophisticated, a little cynical -- all those adjectives that describe someone our society calls "cool." And…
daydreamer imagining boy student morgan weistling

Stay Imaginative — Daydreamer by Morgan Weistling

We all like to think that we are imaginative. And indeed, so should we all be, because human beings were created to think, contemplate, imagine, design, and innovate. But the "entertainment" world…