kneeling woman green ceramic pottery figurative statue collista krebs

What’s Important? Then Do It — Pottery by Collista Krebs

If something is important to us -- really REALLY important -- we somehow find time for it. Given that we are human and not omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent, this commitment means that something…
doll clothes sewing fabric christmas kathy snow

Fabric Stash — The Sewing Genius of Kathy Snow

We've all probably met one, often without knowing. Chances are, you may be one yourself, even if it's hard to admit. But your studio gives you away. Fabricophiles. People who sew, quilt, craft,…

Time to Paint, Timelessly — Impressionism by Lori Pittenger

  Do you remember when you last thoroughly, completely, and absolutely lost track of time? When was it that you were so absorbed in the task at hand, so utterly involved in what you were…
Take Me Home

Lighting, Drama, Color — The Watercolor Paintings of Cheryll Root

The people we envy says a lot about ourselves. Obvious candidates are wealthy people, powerful people, incredibly good-looking people. These three factors, however, aren't what attract the attention…
casey weekender leather bag pozzitive

Leather Lux — Handcrafted Bags by Betsy Pozzanghera

Do you know how sometimes, someone wants to give you a gift and they don't know what to give? So they wrap up money and say, "Buy something fun that you really want. Don't you dare pay  bills with…
rodeo bull western art animal cattle cow tanna scott

Horse and Cattle — The Oil Paintings of Tanna Scott

More than once, when artist Tanna Scott has shown her horse and cow paintings at an art festival or show, someone begins to cry. The first time this happened, the Kennewick Western Artist was befuddled…
pottery mugs production glazes pat fleming kennewick

Pottery Thoughts — Pat Fleming Creates as He Meditates

He teaches, paints, digs clay in out of the way places. And, over an art career that spans 54 years and counting, Pat Fleming has thrown a lot -- LOTS -- of pots. "Back in the day," the Kennewick…
pastel landscape canyon mountains edna bjorge art

Pastel Mystique — The Landscapes of Edna Bjorge

From Oil Paint Murals to Pastel Drawings She was five. She loved to draw. Her father was an artist. And there, in her parents' bedroom next to her father's palette of oil paints, was a gloriously…
paint number art framing unfinished bay mountain japan fuji

Paint-by-Number Treasure — Stored in a Box and Now Framed

Life is fragile. None of us knows how long we will be on the earth. And, when the time comes to leave, we frequently leave behind unfinished projects. Kindergarten teacher Kelley Hubbard has a literal…
java junk journal gift diaray trudy love tantalo

No Rules — The “Junk” Journals of Trudy Love Tantalo

Rules are funny things. We're taught that they make our lives easier and "safer"  by protecting us from all the bad stuff and people. But they also do something else: they grow and multiply,…
moccasin lake evening landscape photography bill rodgers

Landscape Magic — the Photography of Bill Rodgers

Because we are all incredibly unique human beings, we gravitate toward interests that fit our distinctive abilities. It is for this reason that not everyone is a mathematician, or a writer, or a mechanic. And…
mountain sunrise photography landscape wessels galbreath

Photography in Action — By Gary Wessels-Galbreath

A simple gift does more than tell the recipient that you care about them. Many times, that Christmas or birthday present sparks a response in the receiver that lasts far beyond the holiday. This…