pottery mugs production glazes pat fleming kennewick

Pottery Thoughts — Pat Fleming Creates as He Meditates

He teaches, paints, digs clay in out of the way places. And, over an art career that spans 54 years and counting, Pat Fleming has thrown a lot -- LOTS -- of pots. "Back in the day," the Kennewick…
pastel landscape canyon mountains edna bjorge art

Pastel Mystique — The Landscapes of Edna Bjorge

From Oil Paint Murals to Pastel Drawings She was five. She loved to draw. Her father was an artist. And there, in her parents' bedroom next to her father's palette of oil paints, was a gloriously…
paint number art framing unfinished bay mountain japan fuji

Paint-by-Number Treasure — Stored in a Box and Now Framed

Life is fragile. None of us knows how long we will be on the earth. And, when the time comes to leave, we frequently leave behind unfinished projects. Kindergarten teacher Kelley Hubbard has a literal…
java junk journal gift diaray trudy love tantalo

No Rules — The “Junk” Journals of Trudy Love Tantalo

Rules are funny things. We're taught that they make our lives easier and "safer"  by protecting us from all the bad stuff and people. But they also do something else: they grow and multiply,…
moccasin lake evening landscape photography bill rodgers

Landscape Magic — the Photography of Bill Rodgers

Because we are all incredibly unique human beings, we gravitate toward interests that fit our distinctive abilities. It is for this reason that not everyone is a mathematician, or a writer, or a mechanic. And…
mountain sunrise photography landscape wessels galbreath

Photography in Action — By Gary Wessels-Galbreath

A simple gift does more than tell the recipient that you care about them. Many times, that Christmas or birthday present sparks a response in the receiver that lasts far beyond the holiday. This…
moose wildlife animal western art james reid

Wildlife Wonder — The Western Art of James Reid

When wildlife artist James Reid first picked up a brush, it wasn't to paint an elk or moose. He painted a sign. "My first year out of high school, I got a job at the PayLess Drug in Pasco (WA) painting…
Collectible car 1934 duesenberg model automobile nostalgic

Collectible Cars — All Wheels Art Event

It's amazing how much you can do when you're persistent. Take amassing a collection, for example, whether that collection is stamps, or art, or tea cups, or, in this case, collectible cars. At first…

Acrylic Pour Magic — Brother & Sister Create

As anyone with a sibling knows, brothers and sisters agree on some things, and don't on others. That's the magic of family. For acrylic pour painters Kristen Hanafin and Matt Harri, they work separately…
victorian woman gracious cathedral heidi presse

Stay Gracious — Victorian by Heidi Presse

All mothers have their standard admonitions, words of wisdom aimed at our kids. When the kids are grown (into decent adults, we hope) they laugh about what Mom always said. But once they have their…
mountain myth snow leaopard circumspect simon combes

Stay Circumspect — Mountain Myth by Simon Combes

Sometimes it's good to run out swinging, ready for the fight. Other times, it's best to be circumspect. It doesn't mean that you've given up. Rather, it means that you're still in the midst of the…
always greener wild horse fence grazing bev doolittle art

Stay Wild — Always Greener by Bev Doolittle

Whether it's a mustang in the Southwest desert or a dray horse pulling a wagon, horses retain a sense of their wild side. They may be circumscribed by fences, but that doesn't keep them from jumping…