morning light observant window wilderness nature stephen lyman

Stay Observant: Morning Light by Stephen Lyman

All around this world there are things to see, observe, wonder about, question, analyze, discuss. But to do so, we first have to see. Not just look, but see. Not just listen, but hear. Not…
cats can together friends communication braldt bralds

Stay Together: Cats in a Can by Braldt Bralds

Families, friends, people who care about one another -- these are a powerful influence in society. It is essential, in a free society, that people can interact, be together, preferably face to face…
alstroemeria flower petal flower mo devlin

Stay Inspired: Alstromeria on Petal Confetti by Mo Devlin

One of the most terrific things about human beings is that we're creative. Oh, and resilient. The two together make a fabulous combination. Faced with challenges, setbacks, walls, blockages,…
horses animals foal mares running nancy glazier

Stay Free: A Brand New Hope by Nancy Glazier

  When I saw this artwork, A Brand New Hope by Nancy Glazier, the first thing I thought of was the words to the song, Born Free, by Matt Monro. As a child, I memorized the lyrics to this…
blue jay bird contemplative animal carl brenders

Stay Contemplative: Flash of Sapphire by Carl Brenders

It can't be easy being a small bird. After all, there are lots of larger creatures -- raccoons, skunks, birds of prey, and of course, cats -- who would like to have a close relationship with you that…
mission gate vineyard courtyard home house june carey

Stay Home, Thinking: Mission Gate by June Carey

Home is a place of refuge, of freedom, of privacy. Within our homes, we are -- or should be -- free to speak our thoughts, voice our doubts, set forth our questions. Within our homes, and for those…
scarlet tanager bird blossoms wildlife rod frederick

Stay Outside the Fray: Scarlet Tanager by Rod Frederick

Have you ever been at a big sale, when people are pushing and shoving at one another, intent upon buying some loss leader item at a box store, as if it were something worth getting so intent about?…
Turning Point

Freedom Requires Thinking, and Art Inspires Thinking

Art takes us places. I know, this sounds like one of those "branding" statements corporate marketing experts encourage small, independently owned businesses to come up with, as if it will magically…
Morning joy bird bible promises Psalms Shawna Wright

Bible Promises and Song Birds -- Watercolor by Shawna Wright

The Comfort of Bible Promises When someone we know is hurt and needing, we so often want to help, but just as often do not know how. What gesture can we make, what action can we take, to bring comfort? The…
bridal jewelry necklace earrings bling sharon demaris

Bride Beauty: The Romantic Jewelry of Sharon Demaris

It Started with the Bride Doll Children's toys are not insignificant, transitory things. Many people remember a favorite doll or truck, lucky marble, board game, or set of blocks. Long after the toy…
shell butterfly beach coast sand doug paulson details photograph

Details Matter -- The Photography of Doug Paulson

People who go on hikes with Doug Paulson don't just move their feet. After few minutes with the nature photographer, they learn that details matter. And to see detail, you have to look not just around,…
candy nuts toffee chocolate mama monacelli gift basket

Candy Is Dandy -- Artisan Sweets by Mama Monacelli

It's no secret that most people don't like to see photos of themselves. (Especially candid ones!) But most people do not have the unique situation that Nancy Monacelli has. The Walla Walla candy…