Evening Companions harmonious dogs sleeping john weiss

Stay Harmonious: Evening Companions by John Weiss

People, and animals, who spend a lot of time together tend to achieve harmonious understanding in their relationship. It's not that they always agree. Indeed, if we all agreed, 100% of the time,…
elk wildlife animal wilderness taylor fork crossing larry zabel

Stay Moving: Taylor Fork Crossing by Larry Zabel

How much time do we spend each day sitting, and not moving? Probably a lot more than we think. We live in a world of computers and TV screens, with jobs that require more sedentary "action" than…

Stay Talking: Courtyard by William Phillips

Talking. Conversing. Interacting, one human with another. There's just no replacement for these activities. Letters are nice, although fewer people take time to write them anymore. Outside…
lavender light sun flowers heidi presse art

Stay in the Light: Lavender by Heidi Presse

In a dark place, where shadows reign, it is hard to see. Cockroaches and rats delight in such an environment, and those who don't want to share their home with these pests do their best to bring light…
jaguar chill quiet calm animal jungle rainforest daniel smith art

Stay Chill: Emerald Forest by Daniel Smith

  In the ever-changing lexicon of cool, trendy language, I don't know where the world "chill" is. But it's an apt description of how to stay when external forces pressure us to run about, frenzied. We've…
tender moments couple close hugging snow john weiss romantic art

Stay Close — Tender Moments by John Weiss

Human beings need to touch and feel and be close. The interesting thing about the word, "feelings," is that it is not limited to what goes on in our mind. As warm, gregarious, social beings, we crave…
juicy peach child toddler curious nostalgic innocence morgan weistling

Stay Curious: Juicy Peach by Morgan Weistling

One of the most bothersome things that people do when they grow up is -- no longer wildly curious -- they give up asking questions. After all, asking questions is what children do, to the point…
morning light observant window wilderness nature stephen lyman

Stay Observant: Morning Light by Stephen Lyman

All around this world there are things to see, observe, wonder about, question, analyze, discuss. But to do so, we first have to see. Not just look, but see. Not just listen, but hear. Not…
cats can together friends communication braldt bralds

Stay Together: Cats in a Can by Braldt Bralds

Families, friends, people who care about one another -- these are a powerful influence in society. It is essential, in a free society, that people can interact, be together, preferably face to face…
alstroemeria flower petal flower mo devlin

Stay Inspired: Alstromeria on Petal Confetti by Mo Devlin

One of the most terrific things about human beings is that we're creative. Oh, and resilient. The two together make a fabulous combination. Faced with challenges, setbacks, walls, blockages,…
horses animals foal mares running nancy glazier

Stay Free: A Brand New Hope by Nancy Glazier

  When I saw this artwork, A Brand New Hope by Nancy Glazier, the first thing I thought of was the words to the song, Born Free, by Matt Monro. As a child, I memorized the lyrics to this…
blue jay bird contemplative animal carl brenders

Stay Contemplative: Flash of Sapphire by Carl Brenders

It can't be easy being a small bird. After all, there are lots of larger creatures -- raccoons, skunks, birds of prey, and of course, cats -- who would like to have a close relationship with you that…