The Wenaha Gallery showcases Pacific Northwest artists as well as other nationally recognized artists.

Throughout the year, we host artist shows and events to introduce our artists and their art works.

The following is a collection of some of our current featured artist. We encourage you to get to know more about them and their artwork.

cannon beach oregon coast highway 101 paul henderson art

Nancy Richter

bateman island fall autumn columbia river richter

Clouds Fascinate -- The Photography of Nancy Richter

Clouds fascinate her She is a grandmother now. But Nancy Richter has never lost a child's fascination for a sky full of clouds. As a kid, she did what lots of kids -- even in today's techno-world…
Rope baskets team roping western gifts nancy waldron

Old Ropes and New Baskets -- Nancy Waldron Creates

Turning Rope into Art Humans innovate, figuring out creative ways to solve problems. For example, consider the difficulty of capturing and restraining a full grown steer. While this is not something…
puma mountain lion cat feline panther parowan jan fontecchio wildlife

Wildlife & Western Living -- Paintings by Jan Fontecchio

Wildlife Wonder Parents remember the oddest things about their children. And given that most adults do not recall their toddler years, we accept those memories with a gracious nod. Our own recollections…
cannon beach oregon coast highway 101 paul henderson art

Highway 101 -- Paul Henderson Paints Its Moods

Moods of Highway 101 From rocky cliffs and chilling fog to warm, sunny beaches, Highway 101 is one of the longest, most scenic highways in the U.S. Driving it is not fast by any means, but given that…