Properly designed framing becomes an integral part of your fine art or keepsake.

Our nationally certified picture framer and design consultants will provide expert help in choosing the perfect framing to showcase your artwork.  Craftsmanship with careful attention to detail provides you with superb value at affordable prices.

Design your framing in person at the gallery or on online from your home.

 Conservation framing protects your art for years to come and includes:

  • Acid free mats and backing
  • 99% UV protection glass – museum ®, conservation reflection control ® or conservation clear ®
  • Quality framing materials and construction
  • Personalized design
  • Workmanship guarantee
  • Custom framing options for every budget

You can see examples of our custom designs by visiting the gallery showroom.

Museum glass is the best option for glazing art, photographs and other keepsakes to be framed.  It blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light while minimizing reflection and allowing the true colors of the artwork to show.

Conservation reflection control glass blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light and with a matte like finish, it minimizes reflection.

Conservation clear glass blocks up to 99% of harmful UV light and protects your art from fading and discoloring.