daydreamer imagining boy student morgan weistling

Stay Imaginative — Daydreamer by Morgan Weistling

daydreamer imaginative boy student morgan weistling

His body is behind the school desk, but his imaginative mind, is someplace else, someplace far, far more interesting. Daydreamer, limited edition giclee canvas by Morgan Weistling.

We all like to think that we are imaginative. And indeed, so should we all be, because human beings were created to think, contemplate, imagine, design, and innovate.

But the “entertainment” world — encapsulated by movies, TV, advertising, and social media — has done much to drain imagination from our souls. Content to sit before a screen, absorbing the thoughts of others, we mentally atrophy to the point that we passively accept what we are told. Our eyes are glazed, our bodies tired.

From our youngest years, as well, we are trained to subvert our imagination, ostensibly so that we can learn “important” things: science, math, social studies, dry history from a textbook, essay writing from a formula. Many a child has been scolded for daydreaming when they should be listening, letting their minds fly to faraway, fascinating places when their fingers should be filling out workbook pages.

Artist Morgan Weistling understands the mind of the imaginative child, and in his artwork, Daydreamer, he captures that faraway look we surprise on someone who is engaging in pleasant thought that has little to do with their immediate surroundings. Consistently, we are scolded for daydreaming, as if it were a bad, unnatural thing to do. But a mind that does not daydream is one that does not wonder; a mind that does not wonder is one that does not ask questions; and a mind that does not ask questions is one that too easily accepts the answers that are pushed upon it.

An imaginative mind is an active mind. It runs ahead of the crowd, and refuses to be part of the masses.

Stay Imaginative — And Stay Thinking

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More works by Morgan Weistling are at this link.

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