cats can together friends communication braldt bralds

Stay Together: Cats in a Can by Braldt Bralds

cats can together friends communication braldt bralds

Social media “socialization,” which is aptly named, actually, will never approach the value and power of face to face communication. Cats in a Can, fine art print by Braldt Bralds.

Families, friends, people who care about one another — these are a powerful influence in society. It is essential, in a free society, that people can interact, be together, preferably face to face so that we are able to meaningfully communicate. Social media interactions will never approach the honesty, integrity, and safety of being able to directly talk to another person.

So what do we do when congregating, as an option, is removed?

So long as we are allowed to be outside, albeit at a distance, then let us take advantage of this option. Some people, out in their yards, shout out to one another, conversing rather loudly, it’s true — but they’re conversing. Though we cannot physically be as close as the Cats in a Can by artist Braldt Bralds (which, admittedly, looks a little crowded; but then again, cats think differently than humans), we maintain our sense of togetherness, our loyalty to one another as friends, family members, people who care about one another because we are fundamentally human. Staying together, ultimately, is not a matter of physical proximity so much as it is a spiritual connection.

Cats know the value of togetherness. They’re pretty smart creatures.

Add a Sense of Friendship to Your Day

Wenaha GalleryThe featured image to this article is Cats in a Can by Braldt Bralds. This work is already framed with a sleek black frame with gold highlights that interplay with the the glints of light in the image. You may purchase the print online at this link. Should you desire a new custom design frame for your purchase, we would be delighted to work with you, online and by phone — something we have been doing successfully for many years with out out-of-town clients. Email us at to start the conversation.

More works by Braldt Bralds are at this link.

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