Customer Testimonials

What a great gallery!  I am impressed by the way you display the art.  The ambiance makes you want to stay.  I like the mix of national artists and local artists.  You have something for everyone – the serious art collector and the casual visitor.  The small gifts remind me of an excellent museum shop.

The Wenaha Gallery feels like a second home to me. I always feel welcome when I come through the door; I’m not just another customer whose money they’re after, they really care.  In my personal experience with the gallery the staff bent over backwards to make me happy and this kind of quality is as valuable as the fine art they keep.

The client-centered service approach provided by Wenaha Gallery included much curiosity about what each piece of art or photography meant along with the history or story behind each piece.  The owners and staff took the time to understand not only the vision I had for each piece but wanted to understand the intended space, environment and lighting.  Their level of expertise about color provided fruitful conversation about each individual piece and the different framing/matting options.  The creative opportunities that arose between my vision, their vision, and their expertise lead to a custom conservation framing experience. The owners and staff working across the state in Dayton, WA were very creative and timely in conducting effective communications by knowing when best to use the phone, email, texting and/or social media.  In the end, the framed memories are inspiringly beautiful, preserved and even more meaningful.

I have been coming to the Wenaha Gallery for several years and every time I walk in the door, there are new items to admire, new artists to view and interesting people to meet.  The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and both able and willing to discuss any of the artists and their art.  From time to time I have had the Gallery frame some of the artistic pieces that are family heirlooms.  The care that they take to understand the piece, its history, and where I want to place it in my home adds to the pleasure of doing business with them.  When they are finished, the frame has become part of the artistic piece.  When I am in Eastern Washington, the Wenaha Gallery is a certain stop.

The framing memories project all started with the decision to develop a will and a desire to eventually will my meaningful art and/or photography to family and friends.  The experience with Wenaha Gallery would provide me with not only the most treasured framed memories but the most treasured experience.

Artist Testimonials

To Ed, Pat and all the wonderful folks.  Thanks for all your help and a terrific show.  I look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for a wonderful show and for the warm welcome!  Best Wishes,

Thank you to all the wonderful staff and hard workers at Wenaha Gallery.  Please ask me to return.

Thanks for the wonderful show.

To my friends at Wenaha Gallery.  Thanks for a terrific show.

To the great group at Wenaha Gallery – you all had a wonderful show.

Thank you for renewing my faith in the goodness and friendliness of people. This is a wonderful place and you are truly wonderful people.

To Ed, Pat and staff at Wenaha, thank you for your generous hospitality and for fabulous shows, time after time!!!

Thank you for a “hot” show.

Thank you for giving me the wonderful show and the chance to spend time in your beautiful part of the country.

I hereby thank you folks of the Wenaha Gallery in the beautimous hamlet of Dayton for a wonderful memo day (Memorial Day) weekend.

Thanks for a wonderful show again.

For all the folks at Wenaha Gallery, thanks for putting on a wonderful show and making me feel so welcome.

To everyone at Wenaha, thanks for another great show.

To the fabulous folks at Wenaha, you just outdo yourselves.  Another great show and great day spent with wonderful people.