The Wenaha Gallery showcases Pacific Northwest artists as well as other nationally recognized artists.

Throughout the year, we host artist shows and events to introduce our artists and their art works.

The following is a collection of some of our current featured artist. We encourage you to get to know more about them and their artwork.

cheese sushi cutting boards hardwood coasters dave ulmen spokane woodworking

The Cutting Edge of Woodworking Art by Dave Ulmen

Wood is amazing stuff. It comes in a variety of neutrals, tans, browns, and even purples. With common sense and lack of greed, it is sustainably harvestable. And in the hands of a skilled woodworking…
storm landscape snowy white owl flying wildlife keith rislove

Wildlife World -- The Acrylic Paintings of Keith Rislove

If the world existed of only science, there would be no art. If all people focused on technology, no one would create paintings. If there were only engineers, there would be no poets. In math class,…
baltimore albumn quilting embroidered wall hanging patricia bennett christmas fabric art

Quilting with Precision and Love -- The Fabric Art of Patricia Bennett

Be creative, be precise, and be patient. It's not bad advice for anyone to heed, but if you quilt, it's crucial. "Quilting is one form of art that shows mistakes if the piecing is not perfect,"…
Indian Summer eastern washington country rural farm ranch painting steve henderson

Beauty, Hope, and Joy -- The Paintings of Steve Henderson

It's easy to point out what's wrong with the world. We all do this, although only a few are paid well to impose their opinions on others. It is far more difficult to see and identify beauty, truth,…
victorian dream santa christmas holiday gourd sculpture art sheryl parsons

Christmas Cheer -- The Holiday Gourd Art of Sheryl Parsons

When we are children, life possesses a magical fantasy interspersed with reality. This juxtaposition, seamless in the mind of a child, colors our memories and affects the adults we eventually become.…