The Wenaha Gallery showcases Pacific Northwest artists as well as other nationally recognized artists.

Throughout the year, we host artist shows and events to introduce our artists and their art works.

The following is a collection of some of our current featured artist. We encourage you to get to know more about them and their artwork.

bracelet colorful bead jewelry mary calanche dayton

Beads, Beads, and Beads -- The Jewelry of Mary Calanche

It sounds like one of those alarming math story problems people avoid if they possibly can: "How many beads -- of all sizes, shapes, and colors -- fit into a 12 x 20 storage shed, with room left…
farmhouse winter country quilt landscape catherine little

The Quest to Quilt -- Fabric Art by Catherine Little

Many people, when they undertake a project unlike anything they've ever done before, prefer to go gently, starting small, picking up skills, and learning from little mistakes that are quickly fixed. And…
autumn sunflower floral mixed media photographic art gay waldman

Digital Revolution -- The Enhanced Photographic Art of Gay Waldman

The great thing about the digital revolution is that Gay Waldman can now wash clothes in her laundry room. For years, the Spokane artist -- who creates digitally enhanced photographs through Adobe…
dragonfly insect watercolor bright color painting suzi vitulli richland

Bright Color and Happy Dreams -- Watercolors by Suzi Vitulli

Artists are their own worst critics. Intense, determined, passionate, sometimes frustrated but obstinately tenacious, professional artists know full well what they are doing -- most of the time. "One…
steptoe battlefield spokane indian wars 1858 nona hengen historical painting

Native American & Pioneer History: The Paintings of Nona Hengen

It's easy to forget that, for most of history, there were no cameras. So when we see a movie of an historical event, or an illustration, or a painting, we rely upon the artist's interpretation of…