The Wenaha Gallery showcases Pacific Northwest artists as well as other nationally recognized artists.

Throughout the year, we host artist shows and events to introduce our artists and their art works.

The following is a collection of some of our current featured artist. We encourage you to get to know more about them and their artwork.

acrylic pour abstract painting home decor art joyce klassen walla

Acrylic Pour -- The Happy Abstract Art of Joyce Klassen

We've all heard of peculiar artists and capricious ones, edgy sculptors and angry painters, those who love to offend and shock, unsettle or antagonize. They are the stuff of movie fantasia and social…
slab built curved pottery out of box dave raynalds

Out of the Box -- The Slab Built Ceramic Pottery of David Raynalds

It doesn't matter how big the box is: human beings simply don't fit in them. Creativity, experimentation, exploration -- these elements rage against the sides of the box until they knock them down,…
big sky mustangs dream old west montana horses tobias sauer

Montana Dreams -- The Western Art of Tobias Sauer

Dreams. Goals. Aspirations. All humans have these, born within our childhood when we don't realize how impossible what we want to do actually is. Some people abandon these dreams entirely, citing…
happy place necklace earrings murano lampwork glass bead jewelry venita simpson

Murano Glass -- The Lampwork Jewelry of Venita Simpson

It started out as a palette full of wood and screws and instructions, delivered from Costco. By the time Venita Simpson had finished with it, however, the 80-square foot storage shed had turned into…
ashton idaho silhouette sky storm clouds joyce anderson watercolor painting

Brilliant Clouds -- The Watercolor Paintings of Joyce Anderson

It is fortunate for Joyce Anderson that her latest series of paintings did not involve monsoons or hurricanes. Because the watercolor artist tends to get really involved with her subject matter,…