We invite you to enjoy the Wenaha experience.

Our relaxed environment in the historic Guernsey-Sturdevant building is the perfect setting to showcase the variety of art available throughout our gallery.

The Guernsey-Sturdevant building was built in 1882 by businessmen D.C Guernsey and attorney Robert Sturdevant.

They housed their offices upstairs and rented retail space at the sidewalk level.  It was built of local Dexter Brick and constructed in the Italianate Style that marks Dayton’s most important commercial structures.

Later the upstairs was turned into residential housing.

The building was restored in 1993 when it received the State Historic Preservation Officers award for outstanding preservation in 1994.

It was listed on the State and National Register of Historic Places in 1993 and became part of the Downtown Dayton Historic District formed in 1999.

Visit the Wenaha Gallery in its historic setting.